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Chestnut Flour

Chestnut Flour...or Farina di Castagne is a smooth, tan flour made from ground chestnuts.

It is an interesting and unique way to make cake, home made pasta, cookies, and crepes. And it is especially popular in Italian and French recipes.


Chestnut flour is far healthier than wheat, as it is a significant source of Vitamin C and gluten-free. The flavor of chestnuts is best combined with foods that contain hazelnut, honey, sugar, or chocolate.


Chocolate and banana crepes made with chestnut flour and lightly smeared with chestnut cream.

Although traditionally enjoyed in the South of France, chestnut flourhas since migrated to the United States due to the strong, rich flavor of the American Chestnut.


American chestnut flour is now considered a delicacy and a lot of authentic chefs prefer the richness of the American Chestnut



French Madeliene cookies made with American Chestnut Flour


Chestnut Flour vs. Wheat Flour


* 1/4 of a cup of wheat flour contains 114 calories,

* 24 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber,

* 3 grams of protein,

* and 1 gram of fat.


1/4 of a cup of Chestnut Flour contains

* 98 calories,

* 21 grams of carbohydrates,

* 1 gram of fiber,

* 3 grams of protein,

and 1 gram of fat.


Chestnut Flour is also considered a low-glycemic food. That means it does not create a high-sugar blood response in the same way that wheat flour does. Studies have shown that eating low-glycemic foods is linked to longer life span and improved health.


Chestnut flour was the traditional food of the people of Lunigiana, an ancient region of Italy that is right next to Tuscany. In fact, there are records of pamphlets written in 1543 about the benefits of Chestnut Flour.

"Here again I can't refrain from crying out against the unwillingness to work we Italians suffer from. Chestnut flour is completely unknown in some provinces of Italy, and I doubt that anyone's ever tried to introduce it, despite it's being an inexpensive, healthy, and nutritious food suited for the poor and those unafraid of wind.

~From a pamphlet published by Giovannia Artusi, circa 1543



After the Ottomans invaded Europe, they brought several delicacies back home: Coffee and Chestnut Flour. Since then, drinking Turkish coffee along with home-made Ekmek Turkish bread, has been a tradition.

Turkish Ekmek bread with chestnut flour, cooked on hot stone, and stuffed with havarti cheese

The Turkish government has recently commissioned a country-wide study on Chestnut Flour that found those who eat traditional Chestnut Flour foods have superior sources of folate, vitamin B, and fiber.

Today countless American families introduce the unique flavor of Chestnut Flour to their stuffing, pastries, and breads on Thanksgiving Day.

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